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Rechargeable Hearing Aids

As the name suggest, rechargeable hearing aids are the hearing aids which have inbuilt batteries and the user does not need to change battery. The rechargeable hearing aid comes with a sleek designed charging case that easily slips into pocket or handbag. Though most of the hearing aids come with disposable batteries, hearing aids without batteries - as rechargeable hearing aids are often referred to - are becoming increasingly popular. Rechargeable hearing aids let one enjoy superior sound quality without the need to regularly buy and change hearing aid batteries. The chargers are intuitive and easy to use. All these hearing aids are water resistant hearing aids with ip58 and ip 68 ratings. Most of the companies like Resound, Phonak, signia, Widex, etc have rechargeable hearing aids in RIC/RIE style. However, few companies like Starkey have rechargeable option in their BTE as well as custom range of products as well. For patient interested or ordering a rechargeable BTE/RIC hearing aids, it may be noted that these are ready stock available at our Ahmedabad clinic- Nityant Hearing Care.