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Analog hearing aids

Analog hearing aids make continuous sound waves louder. These hearing aids essentially amplify all sounds (e.g., speech and noise) in the same way. Some analog hearing aids are programmable. They have a microchip which allows the aid to have settings programmed for different listening environments, such as in a quiet place, like at a library, or in a noisy place like in a restaurant, or in a large area like a cricket ground, Auditorium, etc. The analog programmable hearing aids can store multiple programs for the various environments.

As the listening environment changes, hearing aid settings may be changed by pushing a button on the hearing aid. Analog hearing aids are becoming less and less common and now most of the major companies like Starkey, Phonak, Resound, widex Sonova groups do not even manufacture analog hearing aids. The other manufactures like Signia, Sivantos too are shifting their focus and are incorporating the latest technologies in their digital hearing aids. In Ahmedabad, there are several clinics which deal with Analog hearing aids, However, we at Nityant Hearing Care suggest that if price is not the only criteria, one should always go for digital hearing aids and not analog hearing aids.