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Hearing Batteries

Hearing aids are small high-performance computers, part of the progressive technology field. The usual choice for hearing aid batteries are the button cell batteries, a type of micro batteries. Batteries are key to keeping your hearing aids performing at their best. As the name might suggest, the small, round, and flat shape resembles a customary button. Whereas in the past mercury and zinc batteries were primarily used, today it is zinc-air-systems that are most popular, characterized by a longer service life.

Types and Size of batteries:

The battery size you need will depend on the hearing aid you have. Hearing aid batteries come in four sizes - numbered and coloured universally. Size 10, 312, 13, and 675. Hereby, the basic rule of thumb applies: The bigger the battery, the more energy it can supply. Predetermining factors in choosing the right battery for your device are energy requirements and the design of the respective hearing aid.

  • P10
  • P312
  • P13
  • P675

Nityant Hearing Care and Speech Therapy Centre has several batteries option at the best price available in Ahmedabad. We keep genuine batteries of companies like Signia and Widex.

Tips for maximising battery life:

  • When not wearing your hearing aid, turn it off or open the battery door. Note: you should always open the battery door at night to allow moisture to escape and to help keep the battery from corroding. Also, during night you should keep your hearing aids in Dry kit or electric dehumidifier. Dry kits are very low priced and economical product but it can extend the life of a hearing aid considerably. Dry kits and humidifier are available at our Ahmedabad clinic. Please do contact us today if you want to avail it.
  • If you won't be using the hearing aid for an extended period of time, take the battery out completely. You can store it in the protective case for your hearing aids.
  • Avoid storing batteries and hearing aids in extreme temperatures, hot or cold, as they can quickly drain battery power and shorten a battery's lifespan.
    Useful hearing aid battery care tips
  • Store hearing aid batteries at normal room temperatures.
  • Do not refrigerate.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before changing batteries. Grease and dirt on the batteries may damage the hearing aid.
  • Leave the battery compartment of your hearing aid open at night so moisture can escape. Doing so will keep the battery from corroding and damaging the hearing aid.
  • Remove dead batteries immediately. A completely discharged battery may swell and become difficult to remove.
  • Hearing aid batteries often lose power very suddenly, so it's smart to carry an extra set of batteries with you at all times.
  • To protect against discharging your backup batteries, keep them away from coins, keys or other metal objects.

Please note that a Hearing Batteries will not restore a normal hearing. With practice, however, a Hearing Batteries will increase the awareness of sounds and their sources. one will want to wear his Hearing Batteries regularly, so one should always select which is convenient and easy for him/her to use. Other features to consider while selecting the Hearing Batteriess include parts or services covered by the warranty, estimated schedule and costs for maintenance and repair, options and upgrade opportunities, and the Hearing Batteries company's reputation for quality and customer service.