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NHC- Nityant Hearing Care & Speech Therapy Centre is managed by professionals having roots experience in Hearing Aid Industry for more than 16 years. We have a customer centric approach and for us our customers and their wellbeing come first. We understand the needs of every individual client and aim to fullfill their expectation and requirements through our client centric approach. We deal with all the latest digital hearing aids having features like auto noise adaptation, frequency lowering ,connectivity with mobile phone, water resistant, etc. to name a few. We have wide range of all the digital hearing aids. We deal with all types of Hearing aids like invisible Hearing Aids, BTE Hearing Aids, Ric Hearing Aids, CIC Hearing Aids, Inside the ear Hearing Aids, Bluetooth Hearing Aids and Rechargeable Hearing Aids. Our Hearing Specialists recommend the Hearing Machine based on patient's Hearing loss and his requirements.

Nityant Hearing Care goes beyond to provide the best Hearing Aid services of leading Global Manufactures like: Starkey, Sivantos (Formally known as Siemens), Widex and Phonak. We have multiple brand in offer and are not an exclusive dispenser of any particular brand. So while coming at Nityant Hearing Care you have your peace of mind that you would be prescribed a hearing aid which suits your hearing requirements rather than the one available with us.

We are a one stop solution for all kind of hearing and speech problems. We are devoted to give the best therapy and solutions to our patients and we are among the most trustworthy clinic in Ahmedabad.

There's a reason why NHC- Nityant Hearing Care & Speech Therapy Clinic is known as the #1 Speech & Hearing Clinic in the Ahmedabad and part of it has to do with maintaining a relationship with our patients and the wider community. Whether you're looking for tips on how to stay healthy or want to learn about the latest industry trends, our team is always accessible and regularly updated to include the most relevant information.

Our experts have a special understanding of each patient and their need for support, encouragement, counseling, and instruction while learning to use their hearing instruments more effectively. It is their goal to help the patient reach his or her best hearing potential. And, thereby we help you to enjoy life, more precisely its Sound.There are many types of Hearing Loss and an Audiometry test determine what kind of Hearing loss you are having. An audiometry test is conducted at all the hearing aids clinic near you. You can call us to schedule a free Hearing test followed by a free hearing aid trial at one of our hearing clinics which is near you. There is No any treatment of Hearing Loss of Sensorineural types. And Hearing aids are the only option to lead a normal life. Hearing Aids are also called Hearing Devices or some people call it as Deaf Machine. Hearing Aids are basically small electronic devices that pick up and amplify Sound. It enables the person who is hard of hearing to hear well. Based on the Audiometry test a hearing aid specialist or an Audiologist would recommend right kind of Hearing devices or ear machine for you. For ex- For a Sloping loss, our Hearing aid specialist would recommend an RIC Hearing Aids, for a very severe degree of Hearing loss, our audiologist or hearing aid specialist would recommend you Powerful Behind the ear hearing aids also called as BTE, for a Moderate to Moderately severe hearing loss- you can go with CIC, inside the ear hearing aid or even completely invisible hearing aids. you can call us to know more about RIC / BTE/ Rechargeable / Bluetooth, Invisible or CIC Hearing aids. Ear Machine price varies as per the technology level and feature. It may be noted that a Hearing Aid cannot restore a normal Hearing but hearing aid definitely can enhance your hearing 100 %. We have best customer services and you can get best quality of digital hearing aids at all of our clinics near you in Ahmedabad. We deal with Hearing aids brands like Signia Hearing Aids, Phonak Hearing aids, Starkey, Audifon, and all the other major brands. Companies like Signia Hearing aids, Phonak Hearing aids, etc have power BTEs, Rechargeable RIC as well as invisible hearing aid solution. Kindly schedule your free appointment with us to know more and find the best hearing aid at an affordable price. You can get Best Price Guarantee on all the Kind of Hearing Aids in Ahmedabad.

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